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Friend of mine told me to use your service,
Dont like betting too much but the tips you have been giving me are all winning!! Ive only used you for the last week and made a few hundred quid. Cheers Hottips4u.
Bob Kelly England

Tips are fantastic with good strike rate!!
When i need to contact you the response is very efficient. 5 a day dont mind paying this when im making over 350 a week... One word MAGIC!!!
J Curtis England

Had a shaky start with you a few months ago but im glad i stuck with you!!!
I am now getting more and more confident when i back your selections, Great service!!
Mr C Butler Ireland

Thanks Hottips4u for the money you have made me over the past month...
I am actually backing all the horse tips from horsetips4u and the main tip of the day. I have used tip firms before but always lost!! With you i was sceptical and started with 1000 bank and now i have made over 3000!!! Lets hope we dont have any bad luck with the selections.
B.Evans England

Brill results lately
i just back the main tip and i know they are short prices but ive made over 600 over the last month.keep picking those winners for me...
Thanks again
S.Clarke England

Well done Hottips4u
Great pick for the Derby got 500 profit!!!
J Mitchell England

Another great win for us with the Derby!!!
I got 11-2 and only had a little bet as i dont like horse racing but you got me 110,Well done Andy you can use this as a testimonial if you wish as im recommending you to everyone at work,
When is your affiliate referring scheme available?
A Buckley England

Andy & Team
Well done for getting us the Derby winner!!!
I used to pick my own bets but now i dont have the time due to work and i would not hit the amount of winners you are providing.
Keep the winners coming
Thanks again
K Smith England

Hi there,
What can I say about hot tips except the proof is in the pudding.
I have been with hot tips on and off for most of last year. I was working abroad and not always able to pick up the tips and get the bets on so I had an on off year. I saved a decent betting bank and made a decision to stay near my kids and now I use hot tips to provide me with the extra income I need to support them and live comfortably here. It is the reliability of this service that makes it possible to win week in week out. I myself use the fiobannaci staking system to improve profits but even level staking is good because of the reliability of the tips. Thank you hot tips for all your first class work.
A happy punter
Cheers Clive

I was told about your service from a bookmaker and ive followed your tips for April and won easy
Can i also say your customer service is excellent.
Mr A Green Ireland

Just a quick note
I would like to thank andy and the team at hottips4u for some great results and good profits!!!
Mr L Sharpe Australia

Hi Hottips
Brilliant results again and what a profit ive made.
I started with a small £500 bank and ive won over £1000 profit over the past month.
Wish i had a bit more courage to put more on ,i will when i get a bigger bank.
Ive also worked out that if i started with £100 and then put the winnings on everyone of the 10 winners i would of won over £15,000.
Thats just a stat though i wouldnt have the nerve to do that :-)
keep the winners coming

I have been using this service for almost a year now on and off and have made consistent profits.  I stopped for a short while halfway through last year due to family problems and nearly didn't bother coming back.  I almost decided it was too much hassle.  Then I came to my senses and realised what an idiot I was being.  It's no hassle at all!  For just 5 minutes work each day I'm getting a substantial amount of FREE money!  Even if I only get the minimum odds of 1.5 on a particular day, I still take a £50 profit nearly each and every day.  That's £10 per minute.  How can you argue with that?!  And considering the odds are often higher than that I usually make more.  Since I started with you again properly I have made a clear profit of £1,015.42 in the last calendar month after taking out your fees.  What makes it even better is that I achieved that success without actually getting tips on six of the days due to being away over Christmas and New Year!  This service is excellent and I just hope I'm still with you for as long as possible.

Hi Hottips4u,
I used you a few months ago and stopped because  i thought i could pick the winners myself,
And i lost a small fortune backing football etc.
I then gave up gambling all together and i kept recieving your newsletter with winner after winner,And i was tempted to pay you guys to get me the winners again..
So i rejoined and since then i have won a lot of money and i would like to say thank you.
I have now just paid for a holiday with my winnings so it will keep my wife happy!!
Please keep the winners coming.
Harry  Singleton
London .

Can i first of all just say i was recommended to use you from a friend.
I have used tips before mainly on horse racing and to be honest i have never won overall even though it has cost me a fortune in premium line telephone prices to get the tips.
So to be honest i gave it all up until my friend told me about your services,
I started with you on new years eve and ive got to say your customer service and help and your tips have been excellent.
I prefer to bet on all sports instead of horse racing and i have made a big profit in the short time of a week.I have been staking approx £250 on your main tip of the day and im already just under £800 in profit and i havnt had 1 week with you yet which is amazing!
Keep up the good work and im also happy for you to use this as a testimonial if you wish.
Thanks Hottips4u

WELL DONE AGAIN, ANDY AND TEAM!!  The benefit of having a betting bank is really showing itself now - my first bet was £100 back in September.  Now I am almost making that in profit - tomorrow's bet will be for £186.39, so the bank is obviously now up over 86% in just over three months.  Long may it continue.

"just a quick note to compliment you on a fantastic service. I love the flexibility provided by your service which allows me to subscribe when I know I will be available to act on the tips. I have subscribed to some very expensive ‘exclusive’ tipping services over the years, some of which were good, some of which were not so good. Your service so far has left me several points ahead in a short space of time. I hope this continues for the foreseeable future ! "Chris M.
"Came across the site three days ago and was initally sceptical but I gave it a go. There is obviously a lot of thought goes into the selection process and that is obvious from the communication received after donating for that day. Anyway 3 days later and the main bets of the day have all come in leaving me in profit. I have started out betting fairly small stakes (£10) and am now confident to start increasing that to gain more profit.
A very well thought out service and with the guarantee of a refund if the main bet fails to materialise then this shows the strength of belief in the service from the operators. Keep up the good work and I only wish I had found out about it sooner!" Peter L.
"By far the best tipping service I have ever seen or even heard of. You guys seem to bypass the failings of most tipsters who get bogged down in losing runs by putting out bets for varied sporting events. My bank has increased nearly 27% in a few days. Magic!" Andy G.
"I have been betting with you for 4 weeks now and kept a detailed list of my winnings. I took it cautiously at first staking just £10 but that has gradually grown whilst my confidence in this service has gone from strength to strength. I am now in profit by over £500. I just wish I'd been betting £100 per tip right from day 1, I'd be in a far better position then. Anyway, shouldn't be too greedy, I'm up to £100 stakes now so I'm just waiting for the serious money to come rolling in. Thanks HOTTIPS4U, this service is unbeatable."C Hudson.
"I have used many so called tipster firms that are always looking for the massive priced winners which rarely win. but with Hottips4u ive noticed that they are after winner after winner with the predictions and a lot of the time they back up there predictions with stat tables which gives me even more confidence .look no further than Hottips4u. thanks everyone for a professional service."D Craig.
"Can i thank you Hottips4u im retired now but have always had a go on the horses and ive only ever had the odd winner.but with you over the past few weeks ive never had so many winners and i have won a lot of money, and i would like to say to anyone who is thinking of using this service, Hottips4u knows how to pick winners."S Mitchell.
I have been using your service since i saw its advertised its fantastic,accurate,and best of all profitable this has been the only tipster service that i have recommended everyone should try HOTTIPS4U and with a money back guarantee what more could you ask for brilliant keep thenm coming."A Mchugh.
I have won loads of money over the last few weeks with bets i never even thought existed!!!keep up the good work i would encourage everyone to have a good with HOTTIPS4U you brill...........C Wheeler.

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